School Rules

The rules of Bay of Islands College are approved by the Board of Trustees.

The rules are not intended to limit freedom, but to enable all members of the school community to work in an environment that is safe, positive, caring and consistent.

These rules reflect the College’s Mission Statement:

“Together we will develop respectful students, maximising their potential.”

As recognition of its total concern for its students, for the reputation of the school, and to ensure consistency of standards, the College adopts an “in loco parentis” role and thus the school rules apply from the time a student leaves home until they return home and in all school-related transport, excursions and activities. The rules are based firmly on a basic code of conduct that all members of the school community will show RESPECT.

Enrolment and continued attendance at Bay of Islands College is conditional on a student agreeing to the following:

Caring for Achievement

Caring for Self and Others

Caring for the School Environment

Caring for Responsibility